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Technical Difficulties… BUT I’M BACK!
October 31, 2016, 2:44 am
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Gaipa’s 8 Strategies for Critically Engaging Secondary Sources is a resource that is important to all who want to discuss their research. I, as a college student, am surprised that I’ve never directly came into contact with this until now. As an English major, it comes as no surprise that though I was not aware of these strategies, I have used them numerous times. If implemented properly, they make you and your claim sound authoritative (in a good way).

It is evident that Murray uses strategy#4, leapfrogging, in his work, Representing Autism. In the words of Gaipa, he bites the hand that feeds him. Not once, not twice, but numerous times throughout Murray’s book, he brings up claims made by other authors only to tear them down. I think this works especially well for him even though he doesn’t do it in a subtle way. He briefly mentions the acclaimed authors and uses this technique to say something along the lines about how though they’re right, they are also completely off or in the wrong for saying or doing such.

I think this is a technique many people struggle to use, but Murray embodies it well throughout his text. We always struggle to find sources that back up our claim; however, maybe, people should consider using leapfrogging more often. Though some sources may not back up our claim or agree with us, we can invalidate the points they make and say why the claim we’ve made is more relevant, accurate, and/or better.

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