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Reading Past The Lines
November 16, 2016, 5:14 pm
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Researching the history of a time period in which the text you’re reading is written can provide a deeper understanding (is it just me or is this a funky sentence?). Reading Bolen’s “Face-Work and Ambiguous Feats in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” I was able to conduct a close reading. Bolen’s research highlights the importance of body language and what it may symbolize in the reading for this week.

Through Bolen’s text and my own interpretation, I analyzed the scene where the green knight comes into the King Arthur’s court. We all know that Gawain intervenes and saves the honor of the King. Even before reading Bolen’s work, one can jump to the conclusion that this was an intense moment in the text. It’s as if there’s so  much riding on the line, since there is so much tension. And Bolen brings light to this same account by making the reader observe the body language of the King. For example, King Arthur strokes his beard and that can mean many things. At first, I thought this was him displaying nervousness or maybe he just wanted to itch or fix his beard. Reading Bolen’s work made me think that maybe this was a sign that he was preparing to attack/fight the green knight.

It’s interesting how researching something so small can give you a completely different reading 🙂

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