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Where Did January Go?
February 1, 2017, 8:41 am
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Hello fellow peers! I honestly still am in denial that we’re back in school. I cannot even begin to express how time flies. The spring semester has officially started whether we’re ready or not. Our drafts are due next week, and I think this post will be a useful reflection for me as I continue to edit my paper for the seminar.

My draft, as many, was a really rough first draft. The comments I received and my own reflection of it as well makes me conclude that I did way too much reflecting on my primary texts, and still have yet to dive deeply into my secondary texts. I also think I begin to talk about a lot of difficult topics discussed in the primary children books I’m using, but brush over that as well. I also realize I’m going to have to make sure going forth that each paragraph has a different purpose (as discussed from the checklist in class). Other comments from my first draft also entail quoting authors more and finding better structure and voice.

Let’s hope by the time Tuesday rolls around again, I have taken care of these things that’ll really tie my paper together.

Hi Zainab! I feel the same way, I can’t believe we’re already back. I’m really glad you have reflected back on the advice that has been given to you. It’s also good that you’re also incorporating the checklist as a way to improve your writing. But I do agree with the professor when he said to not look at the checklist and try to get everything on the list because this might distract us from our main reason for writing and the message we are trying to communicate. It seems almost impossible to have another draft but I’m sure you are on the right track by knowing what you have to improve on. Also, don’t forget to notice what you are already doing really well to ensure you keep doing it throughout. Best of luck!

   Yazmin Estrada 02.02.17 @ 2:27 am

Remember your ballroom! Who’s in it? What are they saying?

   Jason Tougaw 02.05.17 @ 7:39 pm

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